Privacy Policy

We acknowledge and understand that it is very important for you and us to have the privacy policy defined in favour of both the user and the company. It is very important to have complete transparency the usage, protection and/or sharing the information. We have developed statements of privacy policies through which we help you understand the type of information we collect from our user, the reason for collecting the information and how we use the information.

The Information that We Collect: The Information You Give Us

The account when you create, we collect the information about your ID and Password like credentials so that you can open and operate your account. We also collect certain information like Billing Address, Shipping Address, Phone Number and Email Address.

Whenever you use our services, we collect information from you: Information such as financial statement, invoices and business. We may also ask you for or collect certain information in addition to the information we collect when you log-in using your credentials.

Whenever you reach out to us via our Customer Support Phone Number and our Training Schedule, please give us feedback about our services. If you choose to share any information, we may collect for internal training and quality purpose.

Information We Get When You Use the Service

  • Information about Device: We may collect info about your device like IP Address (“IP”), Error Messages, Log Information, Device Identifiers and Device Type.
  • Information that We Use: We also collection info about how you use our website, the pages you visit or view, the information you browse, links you click on and info about the error message (If there occurs any).
  • We Track Location: When you visit our website or while browsing certain pages/services, we may track your precise location through your device. You need to grant permission to us via your device.
  • Content on the Website: Any content that either we or you provide through our service can be collected by us. It can be your detail, your expenditure and/or invoices. We also view and rectify the content or comment and/or feedback you post on our pages/posts and/or about our team.
  • Technology and use of Cookies: There are some very common tools: Cookies, pixels and beacons or such similar technologies that our website uses to collect and track certain information. It gives us feasibility towards providing the services that you have requested.

Cookies: Cookies are the packets of information sent by the website to the hard drive of the user after the consent of the user. It is to track the information when a user visits on the website.

How do we make use of the information you provide?

We use the information made available to us by you to protect, improve and deliver the services in the best possible way. To provide you with all the technical and functional aspect of the service that you have requested to access through our website, we enhance our technical support for our customers.

Our Communication Structure with You:

We may communicate with you from time to time. It includes:

  • Certain significant information about the services that we provide.
  • Services by another third-party service provider that we think you may be interested in.
  • Information about special offers and discounts for special customers

Analyzation of Information:

We access or process information via both Automated and Manual System like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for improvement of the information and the services. There are certain services that we have made available manually where are certain services have been automazied for the customers.

Here is what we do to manage and maintain privacy:

When it comes to managing and maintaining the privacy policy and privacy of the individual, you have all the options to make choices.

We update our Privacy policy: We update our privacy policy and you can update yourself by our reading our privacy policy or visiting the account settings.

Market Communication and its Management from/by Us: We respect whatever choice you make when it is about setting-up any communication specifically for the purpose of marketing. You can make changes and update your preferences at any point in time.

You can make changes in your browser settings and easily opt-out the from the cookies that our website sent you on your hard drive. If you use your browser settings to disable the cookies, there may be issues with some of the services or it may stop working.

Retention of Data

We retain all the information that we collect from you unless you specifically ask us to delete whole or any part of it. If you accept not to take our services or accept to terminate our services, no information will any longer be retained or saved by us.

International Data Transfers: Your personal information and its process may be transferred to some other company or country in compliance with the applicable laws. There may be some data protection laws in some other countries that may differ from one country to another. However, there have always been all appropriate safeguards taken to protect your personal information.

To know more, you can directly talk with our technical support team and they will provide you with all the necessary information that you may be looking for. Call us on our Toll-Free Number +1(800)986-6570 or connect with our team via Live Chat Support and our team will provide you with all details about our Privacy Policy.