Agreement and Terms & Conditions

Our Terms and Conditions describe the restrictions to your use of the website: (we and our services.) It includes all the new releases, the updates and the content (which includes about our services).

  • The Privacy terms of are effective on all the services that we provide on our website.
  • In Addition to Terms & Conditions, we also include other third-parties.
  • For third-parties, additional terms will be given to you for such services for the program or the product and their orders, payment and activation.

Your Rights to Use the Services:

We protect all our services with copyright and trade secret with new property laws. You are granted limited rights to use the services that we provide for the purpose specifically described by us. You are not granted with any right to transfer our product or service to anyone or its license.

You agree not to give permission to use all the services specifically given to any third party, individual or the company in any manner that shows a violation of our rules and regulations or terms & conditions. You also agree not to:

  • Endorse anyone or the third-party with the access of services specifically available to you.
  • Copy, modify, deconstruct, reproduce, trade, sell or resell the services.
  • Make available the services on apps/software hosting or file sharing.

Our Payment Procedure and Structure:

All the services that we offer start once the payment is made unless the provides you in written or notifies you.

The payment that you will be billed it will be taken care by us only. The payment will be in US dollar only with all applicable taxes, GST and VAT.

You must have one of the following payment process card(s) to make payment:

  • You must have a valid Credit/Debit that we or our vendor accepts.
  • You must have sufficient funds in your account if you are using a Debit card

If you don’t provide correct registration or payment info and there occurs any change in the financial information that you have provided us with. Your account may be suspended or terminated by us or we may also refuse to provide you services again.

If you don’t provide us with information on any change in your payment method or structure, our services may expire in such cases. You also authorize us for regular billing on your account against the services we provide.

  • If there occurs any renewal or cancellation in addition, you will be notified by us through our website or via Email.
  • All refunds authorized by us will be made against the original mode of payment by which the customer has paid to us.

Use of our Services via our Mobile Device

We use an internet connection to provide our services to all the compatible devices. You also agree that you solely require our services and responsible to make such requirements to us that includes fees, update/upgrade charges, SMS messages, Data Plans and other general uses as applicable under our terms and conditions. doesn’t hold any representation or warranty of any kind, any expression or it’s implication as to:

  • Availability of the internet services or the telecommunication service from your service provider at your location.
  • Any sort of Security Intrusion, damage or loss of the data through internet or telecommunication.
  • Any information disclosed to the third parties or the transmission failure. You may also face communication or data loss due to this failure.

The Personal Information that You Provide Us:

You can easily check privacy policy and privacy statement on <XXXXXXXXXXXXXX> that we provide with the service through our website. You also agree to the privacy statement and terms and conditions that are applied to all the users before taking our services. Every data that we provide through our services must be protected and maintained by you as a part of the privacy statement. We may use your information and other user’s un-identifiable information or aggregate to perform research on the services and website so that you can be given the best services and by making advanced business practices with other users.

Indemnity and Limitation of Liability

All the services by us and the payment made by law are processed and applicable by law. You are liable to make full use of the software only for the time period you select from our service duration options given by us.

You can’t claim our liability on any of the following: (1) incidental, special, indirect and/or any consequential damages; (2) damage due to irregular supply of internet, hindered electronic communication, loss of telecom, virus, spyware or malware in your system, investment or profit and/or any sort of business loss. Only the user is responsible if any hardware and/or software doesn’t respond while providing services.

You also agree that you free us and its affiliates from all the claims like expenses and liability costs and fees of attorney and breach of the agreement in any case. reserves all the rights, its expenses, sole discretion and control over claims. You also agree that you will co-operate as requested by to defend the claim.

Changes in our Terms and Conditions/Agreement all the right to make any changes in the terms & conditions and agreement at any point in time. All the services will be effective immediately or while posting through the services on the website. The customer may be notified by the website and/or any other means. We may also discontinue the services or make changes in it, in part or in whole.

Termination of the Service:

We, in the sole discretion or immediately suspend or terminate the services or agreement without any prior notification or intimation if you don’t comply with our terms and conditions/agreement or you are not receiving our services. Once the services are terminated, you must, with immediate effect, stop using our services and if there remains any outstanding payment, it will be counted due.’s right doesn’t get affected due to these terminations. We also hold all the rights to terminate and suspend any free account at any point in time.

Restrictions on Export

You acknowledge that the services through our website, mobile application or via our software may cover all the limitations and restriction under the technical aspect of the US Government and the control laws administered by the US Government. You all agree that you abide by these rules and regulations and will not transfer or export the service or part of it and violate these rules and regulations directly or indirectly.

Jurisdiction and Laws Governed

The Agreement/Rules and regulations are directed and governed by the laws of Wales and England and don’t hold any conflicts with the principles. You acknowledge that any breach or apprehension of breach or infringement of our website or the intellectual rights of the associate/supplier may cause damage to the website or it’s supplier/associate that can also bring monetary damage to us. In such cases, you agree that you are entitled to such loss made by you to under the above-said jurisdiction. All the parties hereby submit to the jurisdiction of Wales or England and subject to the exclusion and limitation of the liabilities provided under the agreement.

We may not be held responsible for the services and/or the content mentioned in/about the services if found inappropriate under the jurisdiction of the country. We neither encourage nor use any content which is illegal under the jurisdiction of any country. You also hold complete responsibility towards implication of the pertaining laws and accessibility towards the services under the jurisdiction.


The translation of these terms & conditions/agreement is to make peoples of the regions under in their regional language if any dispute arises between Non-English or English version. The English version of the terms & conditions/agreement is applicable in case any dispute arises. In case any dispute arises, both/all the parties have to confirm that they have asked for the terms & conditions/agreement drafted in English only.

General Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions mentioning above and the one mentioning here is entirely between you and us. This also replaces all communications (Written or Oral), understanding and agreement related to the subject matter. In the event of the intervention of Law and jurisdiction, any part of the terms & conditions/agreement or the whole of it is invalid; the section will be considered removed, effective immediately, without any remainder. The remaining will be invalid and enforceable by law. The UN convention or any regional/international law of sale of goods is not applicable to it. Without our consent, if you transfer or assign our terms & conditions to any company or individual, it will be considered illegal and breach of our terms.

Product and Services by Third-party doesn’t hold any affiliation with/by any third-party service provider. We don’t even offer any product or service on behalf of any third-party service provider. If any user or you decide to avail benefits from any third-party service provider or use their application/software/website, you are solely responsible for the choice you are making. We don’t endorse any sort of recommendations. We even don’t hold any responsibility towards any third-party website or the content on their website. You can’t hold us responsible for any loss, damage while using our services and/or using their service one after another or simultaneously.